Trenggalek Teachers Doing Fun STEM Activities with SEAQiM

Thursday, 14 November 2019, 39 junior high school mathematics teachers of Kabupaten Trenggalek did fun STEM activities with Ms. Ummy Salmah, one of SEAQiM specialists. This one day course was conducted in close collaboration with Education Office of Trenggalek and SMPN 1 Pogalan, Trenggalek, Jawa Timur was chosen as the venue. 

The activity began with the discussion about the importance of STEM education for future generation. Next, the participants learnt how to develop STEM-based mathematics learning media by using simple materials and make them into meaningfully rich mathematics activities. The participants got more engage in hands-on activities of creating simple Wiggle Bots and Straw Bridge. 

At the end of the session, the facilitator explained about STEM learning which can be applied in mathematics classrooms by integrating mathematics with three other subjects in STEM, namely Science, Technology, and Engineering. 

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