7 SEAMEO Centres Learnt More about Essential Oil at Rumah Atsiri

Yogyakarta – On the last day of an Inter-centre Collaboration Meeting (ICCM), 30 October 2019, the participants from 7 SEAMEO Centres Indonesia visited Rumah Atsiri Indonesia. This essential oil edu-recreation complex is situated in Tawangmanu, Central Java. 

Rumah Atsiri Indonesia was once a factory. Completed in 1967, the factory which was a collaboration project between Indonesia and Bulgaria processed essential oils from the main ingredient of citronella or citronella. Now, this location is an educational recreation area with the main focus on education, research, development, and recreation about essential oils.

While taking the study tour, the participants explored the area accompanied by two guides who explained the volatile plants along the route. The explanation was very thorough starting from the name of the plant, its uniqueness, distinctive aroma, to the function of each plant. 

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