Customized Course


Besides regular and in-country courses, SEAQiM is also open for customized courses. This customized course can be tailored to the teachers’ needs in order to enhance their professional development on specific topics or themes. One of the differences between a customized course and an in-country course owned by SEAQiM is in terms of topic selection. Training topics can be selected from the existing content on regular training themes (click here to read the themes), or can be proposed other issues related to mathematics education but not limited to:

  1. Higher Order Thinking Skills;
  2. Ethnomathematics;
  3. Mathematics Literacy;
  4. Developing students’ agency using Japanese Mathematics Textbooks Published by Gakko Tosho*;
  5. Classroom Action Research in Mathematics Learning;

*The textbook has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia. It is preferably used for “Sekolah Penggerak” on implementing “Kurikulum Merdeka” in Indonesia.

Our Customized Courses are led by qualified facilitators and adapted to your specific context. That means we can deliver training at a time frame, location, on a platform or even in a language (English or Bahasa Indonesia) that suits your needs.

Budgeting Scheme

Apart from topics that are more flexible in choosing based on the teacher’s need, the other difference is the budgeting system. Invited institutions fully shoulder this customized course budget. However, SEAQiM will provide the certificate for the eligible participants.

How to apply

Send the customized course proposal to SEAQiM. Please click the following sample of the customized course proposals.


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