Teacher-Made Mathematics Teaching Aid


Students at times struggle with mathematics due to the abstract concepts involved. To help address this issue teachers can use physical objects, such as teaching aids, to make the concepts more relatable and understandable. However many teachers have limited resources and access to such teaching aids due to financial and geographical constraints. Realizing this concern, SEAQiM has developed this course to harness the creativity and innovation of teachers to produce their own teaching aids.

This course is structured so participants learn and work collaboratively to design and develop teaching aids from readily available materials.

Course Contents

  1. Current Issues in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  2. Strategies and Approaches of Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  3. The Use of Manipulative Teaching Aids
  4. Analyzing Mathematics Curriculum and Its Media
  5. Designing and Developing Mathematics Teaching Aids
  6. Developing and Implementing Lesson Plan at School
  7. Publishing Report and Designing Follow up Programme
  8. Understanding SEAMEO Countries Cultures


Course facilitators are experts from SEAQiM, PPPPTK Matematika, and reputable universities in Indonesia and abroad.


At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the current issues, psychology, strategies and approaches, and the roles of teaching aids in mathematics teaching and learning,
  2. Produce mathematics teaching aids and their manuals,
  3. Design mathematics learning model applying teaching aids to support students’ activities.


Course participants are from 30 selected primary or junior secondary schools from SEAMEO Member Countries.


The course will run for 100 hours @45 minutes. This will be held for a two week period.

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