What We Do

The world of mathematics education has grown rapidly such as innovations in teaching and learning methods. As a Centre that nurtures teachers and education personnel,  has taken this state as a challenge. For the last six years, SEAQiM has conducted several courses, training, workshops, symposiums, and research to address the latest issues in mathematics.

The Centre has also been developing a mathematics regional assessment under the title of MaRWA (Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment). This ongoing project is a collaborative work by SEAQiM, SEAQiS and SEAMOLEC with the support of the MoE of 11 SEAMEO Member Countries. Moreover earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and landslides that have happened in region has called our attention to raise children’s awareness of natural disasters. The Centre has been conducting mathematics teaching models associated with Disaster Risk Reduction using the Lesson Study approach.

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