Sam Ratulangi Awards

SEAQiM has a Mathematics Teaching and Learning Model (MTLM) programme as a platform for mathematics teachers to compete in creating innovative mathematics lessons, to result in models of creative and innovative mathematics lessons that can inspire mathematics teachers all over Southeast Asia. 

Sam Ratulangi is the name of an award from SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics given as part of SEA-MTLM competition. The purpose of the award is to serve as a symbol of recognition and distinction for the teachers who win the SEA MTLM competition, and to assert their role as exemplary mathematics educators in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the award is also expected to stimulate and inspire other mathematics teachers to invent more creative and innovative mathematics lessons.

SEAQiM has openly invited teachers to collaborate with the Centre in improving teaching models. Teaching models sent to the Centre will be selected and some will be invited to Yogyakarta to present their teaching models. From these selected teaching models, finally the best 3 will get the opportunities to implement the models to the schools and be awarded the Sam Ratulangi.

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