SEAQIM has a rich history of working with local governments within Indonesia and national institutions from abroad to improve the quality of their teaching and educational personnel. The assistance SEAQIM has traditionally provided is in-country courses on one of our areas of expertise, however training material can be modified or created specifically to accommodate the needs of the group being trained. Some examples of governments we have worked with include the national governments of Timor Leste, Cambodia and Laos.

Case study: Minahasa Office of Education

The use of technology is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life for people all throughout Southeast Asia and as this happens, technology becomes increasingly important in the mathematics classroom. In Minahasa, Sulawesi, one local government took notice of this and decided to help their teachers become sufficient at using ICT to teach mathematics.

To achieve this goal the Education Office of Minahasa sort the assistance of SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics and their course offering of IT-Based Mathematics Learning. This training was offered to junior high school teachers in the North Minahasa region in November, 2014.

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