Communities are the very foundation of education. Without their tireless, grassroots work on educating the coming generations the larger initiatives of governments and organisations could never be realised. SEAQIM is dedicated to supporting these communities by providing courses, both customised to community needs or from our regular course offerings, to ensure teachers and educational personnel are best able serve the communities they work within.

Case study: Himpunan Masyarakat Karo Indonesia (HMKI) and SEAMOLEC

Karo is a kabupaten (district) located in North Sumatra. After it was noticed that only a small number of students from the region were going to university, a community group, Himpunan Masyarakat Karo Indonesia (HMKI), decided to take action. They contacted SEAMOLEC, a regional office that has a focus on open learning through ICT, and asked for assistance. After doing an initial investigation on Karo’s education system, SEAMEOLEC sort the assistance of SEAQIM to provide a customised course to the mathematics teachers of the local senior high schools.

In response, SEAQIM designed a three-day course to help teachers with the issues they were encountering in their classes. The first day of the course focused on general strategies and philosophies in mathematics education. This was followed on day two with a more focused session where teachers could discuss the issues they were having in their own classes with the wider group and the SEAQIM expert trainers. The final day of the course was set aside for action research, with participating teachers creating detailed plans on how they would address the problems in their classes. This final stage aims to empowered teachers by making them proactive in addressing the problems in their classes using data driven strategies.

This course was conducted twice due to its popularity in July and November of 2015, being attended by approximately 60 teachers. Teachers from the kabupatenhad to sit a test first, with those receiving the best results from each school attending the course.

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