In-Country Course


SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics (SEAQiM) has also worked collaboratively with other institutions to hold teacher training in their region within Southeast Asia. In-country courses are designed to address the multifaceted needs of professional teachers and related personnel in the region, covering a wide range of subjects and approaches. The course will run for 32 hours (@45 minutes). The number of participants is 30 people at most (1 class). The In-country courses are led by qualified facilitators and delivered in a language (English or Bahasa Indonesia) that suits your needs. Funding for the programmes comes from two sources: the Centre and the collaborating institutions. 

The contents of in-country courses may adopt the theme for regular courses (click here to read the themes).

Budgeting Scheme

SEAQiM will shoulder the following budget:

  1. the facilitators for the programme;
  2. the learning material;
  3. certificate to eligible participants.

The Partner Institution shoulders the following budget:

  1. the technical implementation for the recruitment of the participants;
  2. meals for participants during the course (face-to-face mode);
  3. venue of the course implementation;

How to apply

Send the in-country proposal to SEAQiM. Please click the following sample of the In-country course proposals:

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