SEAQIM has recently started partnering with tertiary institutions to offer internship opportunities to university students from the following department:

  1. Mathematics Education;
  2. Statistic;
  3. Actuaria;
  4. Educational Management;
  5. Technology in (Mathematics) Education;
  6. Educational Administration;
  7. English Literature;
  8. Information and Communication Technology (TI/SI);
  9. Educational/ Instructional Technology;
  10. Visual Communication Design;
  11. Public Relation;
  12. Communication and Media.

The general requirements for the applicants:

  1. The applicants are at least in semester 5 (for the undergraduate programs);
  2. The applicants have a good English Language skills (If it is possible it can be proven by the English proficiency score of TOEFL or IELTS);
  3. The applicants preferably have the experiences on working or communicating with English;
  4. The applicants submit their portfolio describing their skills and experiences (click here to download the template);
  5. The applicants submit the recommendation letter from the department or the faculty.
  6. The applicants submit their proposals (in English) depicting their goals that they want to achieve by joining this internship program (click here to see the proposal outline).

Given the wide range of activities undertaken at SEAQiM, the potential for internship opportunities is broad, but not limited to:

  1. Mathematics Education, such as:
    • Participate or assist in designing workshops and training activities.
    • Participate or assist in facilitating activities in workshops and training.
    • Participate or assist in evaluating workshop and training activities.
    • Participate on managing the SEAQiM’s database systems
    • Participate in a workshop or training activities.
  1. Learning Media Development, such as:
    • Develop Learning Media for mathematics learning.
    • Implement Learning Media in activities at SEAQiM.
    • Conduct studies and publications on the development of Learning Media.
  1. Research Methodologies and Analysis, such as:
    • Design studies and research inline with the Vision and Mission of SEAQiM.
    • Participate or assist in SEAQiM research activities (i.e. data collecting, processing or analyzing).
    • Participate or assist in the dissemination and publication of SEAQiM research results.
  1. Video Documentation, such as;
    • Participate or assist in designing SEAQiM’s activity documentation related to video documentation.
    • Participate or assist in video documentation of SEAQiM activities.
    • Participate or assist in the development of video publications documenting SEAQiM activities.
  1. Publication, such as:
    • Participate or assist in designing SEAQiM activity publications.
    • Participate or assist in the content developments on the publication of SEAQiM activities, including reports, bulletins, journals and social media contents.
  1. Developing STEM Activities, such as;
    • Develop STEM activities for mathematics learning.
    • Implement STEM activities in SEAQiM activities.
    • Conduct studies and publication of STEM activities.
    • Participate or assist in workshops and training activities related to STEM.
  1. Web Development, such as;
    • Participate and assist in the developing of User Interface (UI) design
    • Designing materials for publishing in the website

These positions allow interns to gain experience in using their skills in a professional context, get insight into a potential career path and help build a professional network. The durations of the internship programs may be varied from 2-6 months.

We invite all candidates to prepare and submit their proposal involving the activities or project that needs to be accomplished during the internship program. The additional certificates or portofolio will benefit the applicant to support their proposals.

SEAQiM will provide certificates for the eligible participants at the end of their internship programs.

Further inquiries: +628112577072


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