Clinical Supervision in Mathematics Education


Having strong educational leadership is known to be a major factor in improving student learning. By providing vision and development opportunities, educational leaders can help facilitate the conditions necessary for teachers to perform at their best.

Realising that to improve the quality of mathematics education in Southeast Asia there needs to be strong leaders, SEAQiM developed the course on Clinical Supervision.

This course aims to advance the skills of educational leaders in clinical supervision. This includes skills in (1) developing professionalism, (2) monitoring teaching quality, and (3) developing motivation. The Clinical Supervision course requires participants to have knowledge in mathematics education and be in a leadership role (e.g. school principal, head of mathematics, etc.).

Course Contents

  1. Current Issues in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  2. Concept and Theory of Academic Supervision
  3. Basic Concept of Clinical Supervision
  4. Basic Knowledge of Mathematics Instructions
  5. Implementation of Clinical Supervision in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
  6. Implementation of Clinical Supervision in Schools (School Try Out)
  7. ICT Utilization in Improving Supervisors Competences
  8. School Action Research
  9. Understanding SEAMEO Countries Cultures


Course facilitators are experts from SEAQiM, PPPPTK Matematika, and reputable universities in Indonesia and abroad.


At the end of the course participants should be able to:

  1. Explain the current trends in mathematics teaching,
  2. Explain methods suitable for teaching a particular mathematics topic,
  3. Explain the importance of clinical supervision in mathematics education,
  4. Design a supervision programme for clinical supervision in mathematics education,
  5. Produce instruments required in clinical supervision process,
  6. Conduct clinical supervision to improve the quality of mathematics education.


Participants of the course are about 30 selected mathematics supervisors and/or candidates of mathematics supervisors, and headmasters from SEAMEO Member Countries.


The course runs for 100 hours @45 minutes. The activities during the course constitute of theories and practices.

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