SEAQiM Launched New Programme Called Multistages Training

Yogyakarta – SEAQiM launched its course new mode entitled Multistages Training. The programme was conducted in collaboration with Teacher Working Group or KKG Gugus IV Deresan from 11 September to 20 November 2019.

Multistages Training aims to enhance the knowledge and competency of teachers in developing HOTS-based (High Order Thinking Skills) mathematics learning. Unlike the Centre previous training mode, this training was held periodically within a period of two months. 

Overall, the programme was conducted in four stages in which each stage run for three days. On the first stage, a total of 30 participants got the theories about HOTS and how to develop HOTS-based questions. The participants then got the opportunity to present the result of their developed questions. This happened on the second stage. Once they finished it, the selected group of students were requested to answer the questions. From this test, the participants gathered the data for the lesson plan they needed to create. The last stages involved reflection of the lesson plan. 

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