Strong Teamwork for the Centre’s Development

Wonosobo-With the excitement in the air, all staff of SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics spent 3 days at Wonosobo for some teamwork enhancing activities.

The first activity was a meeting with all staff and the head of PFI division, Mr. Haryo Jagad Panuntun. In the meeting, important points was delivered such as the history of the Centre along with its mission and vision. Aside from that, Mr. Haryo also explained about the position of the Centre in the Governments Organization chart. Staff rules was also delivered during the meeting.

Focus Grup Discussion

After the first meeting, all staff gathered in the parking lot. The Event Organizer then explained to reminiscence childhood times, a game of “Gobak Sodor” was to be played. The staff was then divided into two groups. This traditional game encourages each personnel to build strong teamwork which involves tangible actions.

The first day then ends with another meeting with additional personnel, the Director of the Centre and the Head of Partnership, International Public Relations and Marketing division. In this session, the meeting encourage staff to voice out their views and as the management, to accept input and encourage discussion. The meeting lasted until midnight.

The second day started with a refreshing and insightful morning walk to the tea plantation. The walk ended at the tea factory. In this place we learnt the process of tea packaging from freshly picked tea leaves to ready to serve tea in different grades.

After breakfast, all staff were gathered in the parking lot and the whole day was full with games which encourages all staff to communicate and to make the inter-personal work situation liquid and warm. Games after games were held until the sun sets. The activity did not end there, after dinner, we had a small meeting but this time with the EO. The meeting then continued with gathering at the parking lot with a bonfire lit. Talent show from each division was then held to entertain others. By the end of the night, Dr. Wahyudi then announced that team RDCBT won first place for the most creative and solid teamwork for the talent show.

Outbound Activity

The last day was all about picnic. Places visited includes Arjuna Tempel, Sikidang Crater, and Telaga Warna. After an exhausting fun day, the journey to return home has finally come. The two minibuses arrived at the Centre around 5pm and the staff then return to their own families at home.

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