Goodbye, Sir…

Friday, 30 December 2016, is a truly memorable day for the whole staff and management of SEAQiM due to Prof. Subanar’s last day in the Centre. The farewell ceremony organized for his retirement was a happy but sad moment.

Prof. Subanar was appointed as the Director of SEAQiM by the SEAMEO Council in 2011, continuing the Centre’s previous leadership held by Mr. Herry Sukarman. His tenure of office expired on 31 December 2013. Indeed, the MoEC again nominated him as the Centre Director for the next term, with effect from 2014 to 2016.

During Prof. Subanar’s leadership, the Centre has gained some significant progress. SEAQiM has been able to accomplish its 1st International Symposium by inviting some well-known overseas mathematics experts like Prof. Lee Peeng Yee (National Institute of Education, Singapore), Associate Professor Alan L. White, Ph.D, (University of Western Sydney, Australia), and Associate Professor Ng Swee Fong (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). The next three international symposiums have even attracted more participants. Moreover, in 2011, SEAQiM began to initiate a flagship programme on mathematics regional assessment which is now called MaRWA (Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment). For the first time, the Centre’s existence in mathematics education has captivated a non-government organization named IOA (Indonesian Overseas Alumni) to collaborate with. The actualization of this collaboration was held in Sumba Timur, NTT, in which SEAQiM experts shared knowledge with 30 primary teachers in the district on mathematics joyful learning.

Mr. Agus bids Prof. Subanar Farewell

Held in Conference Room, different speakers were heard during the ceremony. Mr. Agus, one of SEAQiM’s supporting staff who inevitably becomes one of Prof. Subanar’s closest person said, “Being together with Bapak makes me getting fatter. I really find it difficult to have my diet”. Laughing out loud, the whole people in the room responded to Mr. Agus’ honesty.

Mrs. Hani, one of SEAQiM’s senior staff believes that Prof. Subanar is a very kind person who always greet his subordinates, everywhere and every time.  On the other hand, Mr. Fadjar really could not hide his felling when he bid Prof. Subanar a fond farewell. Mr. Fadjar, the SEAQiM DDA, has worked with Prof. Subanar for more than six years, they have gone through difficulties and have achieved a lot together. “We should remember Prof. Subanar’s message to make SEAQiM better”, he said in tears.

Prof. Subanar delivers his final speech

 The ceremony was getting more emotional when Prof. Subanar delivered his closing few words.

Appreciating the outstanding leadership of Prof. Subanar, SEAQiM gave him a coffee table book entitled “The Memorable Colours” which summarizes all his activities during the last six years and also some messages and impression from the Centre’s staff and management. There were also a caricature and a photo of him.

Prof. Subanar hands Dr. Wahyudi the 2nd FYDP of SEAQIM

Prof. Subanar also presented a “gift” to Dr. Wahyudi who will be the next Centre Director. He expected that the 2nd FYDP he armed to Dr. Wahyudi will be a guidance for him to lead SEAQiM for the next term, 2017 to 2019.

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