SEAQiM supports teachers from five countries to stay joyful during the pandemic

Yogyakarta: It has been more than a year that the pandemic has hit the world; this has resulted in many changes and adjustments in all aspects. So is the case with the world of education, where the teaching and learning process turns all online. Many math teachers concern about the significant challenges in dealing with technology and delivering material to their students.

Acknowledging the importance of teaching mathematics joyfully in the year of pandemic, SEAQiM carried out the regular course on Joyful learning in mathematics education for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers. A total of 38 teachers from five countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and The Philippines, experienced the joyful learning math during pandemic virtually. During ten days which started from 14 June to 25 June 2021, they had a chance to meet the experts of mathematics virtually through the Zoom meeting platform. The course was divided into two types of learning which is zoom and google classroom.

In the course, the participants gained important materials that have scheduled by the committee. On the first day, the Deputy Director of Programme SEAQIM, Dr Farida Nurhasanah, presented Current Issues and Trends in Mathematics Education, continued by the Director of SEQiM, which shared the overview SEAMEO.

Moreover, to provide the participants understanding about the concept of joyful mathematics learning, Prof Allan White, the SEAMEO fellows from Australia, explained the Instructional Strategies and Approaches for Joyful Learning; he further explained Alternative Assessment in Joyful Learning. Then, Dr Ariyadi, the invited facilitator from Yogyakarta State University, shared mathematical literacy and problem-solving knowledge. Another intriguing session was Dr Kristof Fenyvesi from Finland, who explained STEM Education in joyful mathematics learning, computational thinking, and practical mathematics.

Furthermore, the participants deepen their knowledge on how to write a good writing report, developing lesson plan, reflection on the real teaching facilitated by the team academic of SEAQiM, namely Mr Wahid, Ms Miftahul, Ms Pasttita, Mr Bungkus, Ms Russasmita, Ms Ummy, Ms Uki, and Ms Tyas. For the effectiveness of the course, the participants were grouped into six academic groups. The facilitator guided each group in the zoom breakout room for assisting the participants in preparing their lesson plan.

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to have real teaching at three junior high schools in Indonesia virtually, namely: SMP Negeri 5 Tasikmalaya, SMP Methodist 2 Medan, and SMP Bahtera Bandung today 25 June 2021. These new experiences will benefit them in implementing what they got from this course to their students during the pandemic.

In the closing ceremony, Ms Miftahul, the course supervisor, announced the three best participants were according to academic evaluation during the course: Mr Rico A Herrero from the Philippines, Ms Noor Azwani from Malaysia and Ms Sanni Merdekawati from Indonesia.


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