SEAQiM’s Alumna Heads CASIO’s Master Trainer

Ms. Pientha Glenys Amanti, one of SEAQiM’s regular course alumnae has joined in CASIO Master Trainer Team under the auspices of Prof. Barry Kisane.

On 22 to 29 January 2017, PPPPTK Matematika and SEAQiM supported by CASIO conducted a Training of Trainer (ToT) on Using Calculator for Mathematics Teaching and Learning. Ms. Pientha’s involvement in the training has been captured by Ms. Lely, staff of PIPRM Division, through a short interview session.

Interview session

“Right after accomplishing my participation in SEA-RME course hosted by SEAQIM in 2016, the Assistant Manager of CASIO Indonesia, Ms. Mutia, recruited me into CASIO Indonesia. And, now I am about to be a CASIO Master Trainer”, said Ms. Pientha as she summarizes her long journey to be the part of CASIO Indonesia.

Casio Team, Training Facilitators and Committee

According to Ms. Pientha, participating in SEAQiM’s course brings many benefits for the development of her teaching skills particularly when dealing with students questions on real life mathematics. She hoped she had the chance to attend other programmes held by SEQiM.

Currently, Ms. Pientha is pursuing her postgraduate degree majoring actuary in Indonesia University. On the other hand, she stated without any doubt that being a teacher is her passion.  Thus, she believed that in this era of globalization mathematics teachers should actively follow self-development programme in order to be a better teacher.

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