Learning Counting with Real Object

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Wenny Milasari – SD Widuri Bale Endah

(Course on Teacher-Made Teaching Aids for Primary School Teachers Alumni 2016)

Topic: Learning Counting with Real Object

After attending the course in SEAQiM, Wenny Milasari (Ms) has done the implementation of Teacher Made Teaching Aid in Mathematics lesson at SD Widuri Bale Endah. She used the easy teaching aids such as stone, plastic bowl, and sumpit and she also taught mathematics joyfully to students in grade III.

She said that “the student write in their own both concept and the picture. They just did with their knowledge. As the teacher, I was just facilitator and gave freedom to my students to explore the activity”

If you want to know more about her Plan Learning Program, you can download or read in this link.

Pictures of Activities:


Activity 1

Topic: Learning division using stones  : the 3rd grade


Activity 2

Topic: Learning distributive and commutative using dice  : the 5th grade



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