SEAQiM featuring Dr Chang Suo Hui in a Cutting-Edge Southeast Asia Mathematics Teaching Course

Mathematics is full of abstract concepts that will benefit from teaching aids. In some Southeast Asia countries, sometimes the teaching aids that teachers want to use are not available, so the teachers should make them by themselves. In other words, teachers need to be able to create simple teaching aids from available materials to enhance students’ comprehension of mathematics.

SEAQiM conducts a “Regular Course on Teacher-made Mathematics Teaching Aid for Primary School Teachers” from April 24 to May 7, 2024, onsite at SEAQiM, Yogyakarta to address the challenges. ┬áIn this course, participants will learn and collaboratively design and develop mathematics teaching aids from readily available materials.

Dr. Chang Suo Hui, a prominent facilitator from the Academy of Singapore Teachers, has joined hands with SEAQiM for the transformative course to empower thirty (30) primary school educators across Southeast Asia.

Focusing on the pivotal concepts of the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) Approach and the innovative utilization of Virtual Manipulatives in Mathematics Teaching and Learning, this collaborative effort promises to revolutionize classroom practices in mathematics education.

During her three-day stay at SEAQiM from April 29 to May 1, she delved into how to provide perspective on different types of external representation used in the CPA instructional strategy in Mathematics. She helped the participants gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience in creating mathematics teaching aids adjusted to the needs of primary school students.

Furthermore, integrating Virtual Manipulatives into the Mathematics Teaching and Learning curriculum represents a paradigm shift in mathematics education. Virtual manipulatives enable students to visualize and manipulate mathematical concepts in a virtual environment, fostering more profound understanding and engagement.

This course also featured Dr. Farida Nurhasanah from Sebelas Maret University and Mr Wiworo from BBGP DIY. They shared valuable topics about the need for physical and virtual media to cater to the primary school curriculum.

Educators from across the region are expected to elevate mathematics education through innovative teaching aids in the result.


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