Workshop on Computational Thinking and Tangible – Teaching Coding Without Computers

May 2024 – SEAMEO Regional Centre for QITEP in Mathematics (SEAQiM), in collaboration with LEVA Foundation, organised a workshop on Computational Thinking and Rangers Coding Game for mathematics educators. The LEVA Foundation from South Africa is a non-profit organisation working in education. Dr Sumardyono, Director of SEAQiM, opened the workshop, hoping it would empower mathematics educators with essential computational thinking skills.

The workshop, held on May 13 2024, featured sessions led by experts Mr Ryan Pierre Le Roux and Mr Jackson Cocs Thsabalala from LEVA Foundation, South Africa, who introduced Tangible Africa’s innovative approach to teaching coding without computers. The participants, including the SEAQiM Board of Directors, academic team, teachers, university lecturers, and teacher trainers, engaged in practical activities and problem-solving exercises to improve their teaching methodologies. In this workshop, participants were divided into groups to practise learning coding without computers.

The workshop went well and was followed by the participants to the end. It is hoped that the participants or teachers who follow can implement it in their respective classes.


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