SEAMEO Congress 2021: Transforming Southeast Asian Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Age

Yogyakarta – Wednesday, 28 April 2021, Dr Sumardyono (SEAQiM Director) shared the Centre’s experience running its programmes during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also talked about how SEAQiM adjusted and modified its activities to cater for the needs of mathematics teachers in the region in this current situation. This presentation was delivered during the SEAMEO Congress 2021 with the theme Transforming Southeast Asian Education, Science and Culture in the Digital Age, conducted virtually between 28 and 29 April 2021.

The SEAMEO Congress 2021 was hosted by the SEAMEO Secretariat in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Thailand. The event brought together diverse education actors and stakeholders representing the governments of SEAMEO Member Countries as well as public and private educational institutions and agencies.

In addition to Dr Sumardyono, Dr Farida Nurhasanah (SEAQiM Deputy Director for Programmes) and two SEAQiM Specialists, Ms Russasmita Sri Padmi and Ms Wisnuningtyas Wirani, had been selected to perform during the parallel session. They talked about pandemic-friendly STEM activities in mathematics teaching and learning in class relevant to a real-life context and utilized low-cost material, namely Hoop Glider and Rusunawa. Two other SEAQiM Specialists, Ms Pasttita Ayu Laksmiwati and Ms Miftahul Hidayah, also took part in the event and shared how Techno-based Mathematical Tasks (TbMT) using Cabri 3.3 helped students deal with non-routine problems

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