SHC Learnt How to Write STEM Classroom Practice in Scientific or Popular Form

Yogyakarta – 17 April 2021, SEAQiM collaborated with the STEM-holic Community (SHC) closed the Workshop on Academic Writing. The programme, which began on 26 March 2021, aimed to enhance the competency and capability of SHC members in writing their STEM classroom practice, either in scientific or popular form.

Over the given schedule, the participants consisting of 20 SHC representatives across Indonesia actively joined in the sessions via Zoom and Learning Management System (LMS). In the beginning, those teachers were introduced to scientific and popular articles, after which they discussed the structure of scientific articles, including abstracts, results and discussion, referencing, and citation, in detail. They also learnt how to write popular articles in mathematics education.

Following after, the participants worked in two groups, focusing on each SEAMEJ and SEAMETRICAL, and presented their work. SEAMEJ (Southeast Asian Mathematics Education Journal) is an academic journal devoted to reflecting a variety of research ideas and methods in mathematics education, while SEAMETRICAL (SEAQiM Tribune of Mathematics Education and Life) is SEAQiM’s bulletin which features diverse topics in mathematics education. Throughout the presentation, the participants did not only have the chance to show their work but also to discuss with the facilitators the challenges they faced while writing the articles. The last session was mainly revision and finalisation to ensure that the written articles are ready to publish.

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