Online Learning with SEAQiM Week 1: Enriching Teachers’ Ideas from Home

Yogyakarta – SEAQiM has been conducting its newest programme “Online Learning with SEAQiM” to cater the needs of mathematics teachers in Indonesia during the COVID-19 pandemic. This programme comes with various topics on mathematics learning and each of them accommodates about 100 participants.

Microsoft Excel for Mathematics Learning, Enhancing Google Classroom with GeoGebra Applet, and Desmos for Teaching and Learning Mathematics are the first three topics from ten. The sessions were conducted on April 27, 29, and May 1 respectively.

The first topics on Microsoft Excel for Mathematics Learning was facilitated by Mr. Wahid Yunianto. In this session, he delivered presentation on Microsoft Excel for learning mathematics in addition to the use of more sophisticated mathematical software. The session proved to be useful because many participants enthusiastically took turn to ask questions.

Enhancing Google Classroom with GeoGebra Applet, facilitated by Mr. Bungkus Dias Prasetyo, came next. In this second session, the participants learned about the use of GeoGebra applets as material, exercises, and assignments on Google classes. He emphasised that one of the benefits of using GeoGebra applet is the students can practice directly and actively, not simply looking at the media that has been set by the teacher.

The last topic on the first week in this series of online session was Desmos for Teaching and Learning Mathematics, facilitated by Ms. Russasmita Sri Padmi. The learning aimed to introduce mathematics teachers to the alternative uses of technology to make interesting activities for learning mathematics.

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