SEAQiM Shared Tips and Tricks for Mathematics Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

Yogyakarta – SEAQiM presented an online talk show entitled “Tips and Tricks for Mathematics Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic” on 4 May 2020. This event was part of “Pekan Pendidikan Jogja” to commemorate National Education Day 2020 under the theme “Learning from COVID-19”.  

A large number of participants across Indonesia consisting of mathematics teachers, students, and educators enthusiastically participated in the talk show. It began with a best practice sharing from the first speaker, Mrs. Laksmi Indrawati, a mathematics teacher of SMPN 1 Sleman, Yogyakarta. She shared with the audience her experiences in utilizing Google Classroom for teaching mathematics during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also showed some examples of quizzes she used to encourage her students more. Mrs. Indrawati closed her presentation by talking about the challenges of using Google Classroom and its solutions.

On the next session, Dr. Sumardyono who was the second speaker focused on the challenges of media, materials, teachers and students as the components of distance-based learning in the current pandemic. Before ending his presentation, Dr. Sumardyono mentioned that environmental factors related to mathematics teaching and learning from home were of concern to not only teachers-students but also parents.

At the end of the talk show, Mr. Wahid Yunianto as the moderator invited the participants to the question and answer session. This proved to be fruitful, with speakers and participants exchanging ideas of mathematics teaching and learning during the pandemic.  

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