Online In-Country Course: Studying Mathematics Teaching Approaches Without Moving an Inch

Yogyakarta – The demand for SEAQiM’s online in-country course has been considerably increasing. During pandemic, several education institutions in Indonesia have shown their interest to collaborate with the Centre to conduct this sharing-budget programme. SEAQiM acknowledges that the existence of this virtual training is necessary for mathematics teachers in Indonesia and other Southeast Asia countries, particularly when face-to-face mass meeting is now being discouraged.     

In August, SEAQiM has successfully carried out its first series of online in-country course involving mathematics teachers from three different regions in Indonesia. The first programme, which was conducted on 3-8 August, focused on joyful learning approach in teaching mathematics at school and was participated by 40 primary school teachers from Kabupaten (district) Gowa. The next two trainings were in parallel on 10-15 August, namely In-Country Course on Integrating ICT in Mathematics Education and In-Country Course on Teacher-made Mathematics Teaching Aids. They were participated by 33 senior high/vocational school mathematics teachers from Provinsi (Province) Sulawesi Selatan and 50 primary school teachers from Kabupaten (disrict) Sumba Timur, respectively.

The trainings utilized two online platforms, Zoom and Moodle, to facilitate the distance learning. Despite the fact that the participants and the facilitators could not meet directly, the discussion run very well. Many of the participants also expressed their willingness to hold similar activities in the future. However, the Centre noticed that a few participants found it difficult to engage in the training activities due to internet connection problem.

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