One Step Forward to a Reputable SEAMEJ

Yogyakarta – A total of 12 participants consisting of SEAQiM DDP, 5 specialists, and 6 staff has completed their participation in the “Workshop Pengembangan Sistem Jurnal Online SEAMEJ”. The event took place at the Centre’s Conference Room on 14 and 24 July 2020. This workshop was a part of capacity building programmes for SEAQiM’s staff, particularly those who have been assigned to manage the Centre’s Southeast Asian mathematics Education Journal (SEAMEJ).

In the first day, Dr. Rully Charitas from Ahmad Dahlan University, who has been managing some reputable journals in Indonesia, shared lots of information about online journal system. He also invited the participants to explore many features in an online journal. Meanwhile, on 24 July 2020, Ms. Rima Febrina from SEAMEO BIOTROP shared some strategies for obtaining good paper and selecting reviewers.

Ms. Russasmita Sri Padmi, one of SEAQiM’s Specialists as well as the workshop participants said, “I have been interested in journal accreditation process. For me, it’s nice to hear about the struggle of a finally well-known journal like JME. I ‘m just being so motivated to develop SEAMEJ then.”

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