Kontes Sains Anak Pintar 2018: A Competition to Develop Students’ HOTS

Sleman – A twenty team of primary school students from Kota Yogyakarta participated in Kontes Sains Anak Pintar 2018 on Tuesday, 11 December 2018. Kontes Sains Anak Pintar is an annual competition organized by Taman Pintar Yogyakarta. The event is also the part of its 10th anniversary series.

This year’s Kontes Sains Anak Pintar was conducted in close collaboration with SEAQiM and PPPPTK Matematika. The Centre appointed three of its academic team to be the jury. During the competition, each team which consisted of three students was challenged to solve a mathematical problem. They must find and write the strategies to solve the given problem in 90 minutes utilizing three aids provided. Then, they presented the findings to the members of the jury in 5 minutes. 

“Kontes Sains Anak Pintar 2018 aims to encourage students to develop their high order thinking skills (HOTS). Therefore, it is very important that students start learning mathematics in joyful and meaningful atmosphere”, SEAQiM DDP, Dr. Ganung Anggraeni, said.

 The winner of Kontes Sains Anak Pintar 2018 went to Math of Sneusa Team from SDN Ungaran 1 Yogyakarta. The Algebra Team from MIN 1 Yogyakarta and the Galileo Galilei Team SD Marsudi Rini 1 Yogyakarta consecutively shared the second and the third places.

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