Introducing STEM Educations to Mathematics Teachers in NTB

Mataram – SEAQiM has been conducting an in-country course on STEM. The course will be conducted on 10 – 14 December 2018 in the Institution of Educational Quality Assurance (Lembaga Penjamin Mutu Pendidikan) of NTB Province. 

A total of 35 junior high school mathematics teachers from ten districts is participating in this course. SEAQiM has appointed two of its specialists, Ms. Ummy Salmah and Ms. Pastitta Ayu Laksmiwati to facilitate the participants to learn STEM. Working in groups, the participants are encouraged to develop STEM-based activities. They are very enthusiastic within the class activities and have strong willingness to disseminate the knowledge on STEM to their students upon the completion of the course. 

During the opening ceremony, SEAQiM’s Director, Dr. Wahyudi, thanked the Institution of Educational Quality Assurance of NTB Province for the support in preparing the event. Dr. Wahyudi emphasized the importance of STEM as it is the stepping stones to face the challenges of 21st century. Thus, he motivated the participants to learn how to teach STEM to their students.

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