MoU Between IKIP Siliwangi and SEAQiM Signed!

Yogyakarta – Tuesday, 29 October 2019, two representatives of IKIP Siliwangi, Bandung, West Java visited SEAQiM to sign an MoU. This signing ceremony was conducted in Conference Room, SEAQiM and inserted during the Inter-centre Collaboration Meeting (ICCM) of 7 SEAMEO Centres.

Prior to the main agenda, SEAQiM Director delivered the Centre general programmes that can be carried out together with IKIP Siliwangi and mutually beneficial to both. This might include but not limited to workshops, seminars, and others possible events related to mathematics education.

Represented by Prof. Heris Hendriana as the Rector of IKIP Siliwangi and Dr. Sumardyono as the Director of SEAQiM, both institutions have agreed to work together dealing with mathematics education development in Indonesia.

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