The Least Common Multiple and The Greatest Common Factor by Prayitno

On March 27, 2023, a workshop was held as the titled “The Least Common Multiple and The Greatest Common Factor,” dissemination by Prayitno, which was focused on utilizing teacher-made mathematics teaching aids. The workshop was attended by 21 teachers from the Teacher Work Group (KKG) in Cluster V of Sungai Tebelian. The workshop aimed to showcase the significance of using teaching aids in lessons, with a particular emphasis on the concepts of the Least Common Multiple (LCM) and the Greatest Common Factor (GCF). The event was conducted in a face-to-face format, and it involved demonstrating the creation and utilization of simple teaching aids to enhance the learning process and create engaging and active classroom experiences.

This dissemination is of utmost importance as it aims to ensure that other teaching colleagues comprehend the vital role of teaching aids within a lesson. The intention is to familiarize teachers within Priyanto cluster area with the process of creating teaching aids, even if they are relatively uncomplicated. The broader goal extends beyond just simplifying the teaching process; it aims to provide genuine experiences for both students and teachers. By incorporating teaching aids, lessons become more interactive and dynamic, fostering cognitive growth and furthering educational development.

The workshop primarily focused on enhancing the learning experience through the utilization of teaching aids. Priyanto, as a participant and disseminator, effectively communicated the potential benefits of integrating tangible teaching aids into mathematics instruction. Demonstrating the creation and application of these aids showcased how seemingly modest resources can significantly elevate the learning environment, making it more engaging and participatory.

Priyanto approach, by emphasizing the concepts of LCM and GCF, showcased a practical application of teaching aids within the context of mathematics. Attendees were able to witness firsthand how even simple aids can make abstract mathematical concepts more tangible and comprehensible for students. The interactive nature of the workshop encouraged participation and discussions among the attendees, fostering an environment of collaborative learning.

In conclusion, Priyanto dissemination of the knowledge gained from the workshop underscored the pivotal role of teaching aids in enhancing the learning process. By emphasizing the practical implementation of these aids in teaching mathematical concepts, Priyanto effectively conveyed the benefits to fellow teachers. The dissemination not only supports the immediate goal of improving teaching quality but also aligns with a broader vision of fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences for students.

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