Minimizing Height Measurement Error with DGL Clinometer

Author :
– Heri Risdianto (SMAN 3 Langsa, Aceh)

Mathematics teachers are no doubt familiar with clinometers and their application in high school trigonometry learning. Easy and cheap technology around us can be a solution to human error that often occurs when using simple homemade clinometers.

One of the topics that is very close to our daily is trigonometry. If we simply introduce trigonometry as the trigonometric ratio of the sides of a right triangle, then trigonometry lessons have no meaning. Students will only associate trigonometry with triangles and a bunch of formulas, without any relevance to real-world problems. To change this paradigm, I try to get students to learn trigonometry outside the classroom, using a simple tool made by students, namely the clinometer.

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Posted in SEAMETRICAL Vol 3 No 2.