We’ve got the Power: Research on Energy Efficiency, Resiliency, and Security

Yogyakarta – APEC Tsukuba International Conference X on Innovation of Mathematics Education on STEM and Cross-border Education has identified that energy efficiency is considered crucial for sustainable development of APEC economies. This matter has also been highlighted in the 5th point of the 7 SEAMEO Priority areas. In this regard, SEAQiM contributed by conducting a mathematics research collaborating with teachers from Indonesia.

Teachers were invited to send in their CV along with their Lesson Plan by 15 March. A total of 59 papers have been submitted. On 16-17 March 2017, experts in the field gathered and reviewed the lesson plan. A total of ten best lesson plans was selected and was then announced on our website.

The writers of the 10 best lesson plans will then be invited to SEAQiM for a five-day Workshop on Developing Mathematics Teaching and Learning Model on 17-21 April 2017. This workshop aims to revise and refine the ten Lesson Plans. By the end of the workshop three best Lesson Plans will be chosen to undergo the last step of this research, which is Implemention and Finalization and will be held on 22-27 April 2017.

It is expected that the three implemented and finalized Lesson Plans can be used as mathematics learning models to increase the awareness of students on the issue of energy efficiency, security, and resiliency.

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