Un-scheduled Visit Yields Big Results

Yogyakarta – For SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics (SEAQiM),19 May 2017 marked as an important milestone when a mutual agreement among three major education organizations (SEAMEO Secretariat, PPPPTK Matematika, and SEAQiM) about conducting regional based on-line training that covers at least 125 math topics established. An unscheduled visit from DR Gatot Hari Priowirjanto, Director of SEAMEO Secretariat (SEAMES), to SEAQiM lead to a small discussion between him, DR Daswatia Astuty M.Pd, Head of PPPPTK Matematika, and Dra. Ganung Anggraeni, M.Pd, Deputy Director of Programme at SEAQiM. During the meeting they were discussing about types of generation and how each of these generations shape the teaching methods time to time. This topic brought them to talk more about how as organizations that promote education; they could provide a high impact program with a low cost.

SEAMES, PPPPTK, and SEAQiM’s discussion

Linking the SEAMEO Council’s 5 Recommendation, 7 Priority areas and moving towards global citizens, the dialogue between these three decision makers yields a program called Synergy Mathematics Training for Teachers in Indonesia and SEAMEO Member Countries. In order to reach a wider audience this course will be deliver on-line through SWAY and WebEx, moreover the off-line version will be available on the providers’ YouTube channels. This course will provide the math teachers with at least 125 topics that are available in two languages (English and Bahasa Indonesia). Each week, there will be 6 topics lectured and up for discussion by math experts from SEAQiM and PPPPTK Matematika.

Looking at how smooth the meeting was, and how quick the program designed, the organizations can’t wait to see this program to start despite any technical setbacks. This program is expected to provide not only the knowledge and skills in math but also knowledge and skills in digital literacy, thus the educators can provide their students with up-to-date knowledge using teaching methods that suits the generations’ age.

Best wishes to the future success of the Synergy Mathematics Training programme, and to all math teachers out there who are eager to create a learning math in joyful environment do not miss a change to be part of this great programme and stay tuned for future updates.

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