Sukamara Teachers Learnt to Develop Mathematics Teaching Aids

SEAQiM in collaboration with Education Office of Sukamara organized In-country Course on Teacher-made Mathematics Teaching Aids. The sharing budget event was conducted at Balai Pelatihan Guru (BPG), Sukamara, Kalimantan Tengah on 14 – 18 October 2019. 

Prior to the course, the Education Office of Sukamara had invited a total of 31 junior high school mathematics teachers to join in the programme. “All teachers in Sukamara are actually very enthusiastic about the course. However, this time we can only accommodate some of them,” said Mr. Chairuddin, the Head of Education Office of Sukamara, in his opening remark.

Besides developing teacher-made teaching aids, the facilitators from SEAQiM also introduced those teachers to some STEM activities and the use of geoGebra for junior high school mathematics. Ms. Uki Rahmawati as one of the facilitators explained that after completing the course, mathematics teachers in Sukamara are expected to be able to lower the abstract level of mathematical concepts through visible teaching aids.

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