SEAQiM Invited SEA Teachers to Learn About STEM

Yogyakarta – Ten junior high school mathematics teachers from Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, and Timor Leste are currently learning about STEM teaching and learning material development at SEAQiM. This event was opened on 20 October 2019 and will last for three days. 

“This is a chance to optimize SEA teachers’ curiosity in STEM”, said SEAQiM Director while welcoming the participants yesterday. 

In this workshop, the participants will not only gain the knowledge on STEM but also do hands-on activities to develop STEM teaching and learning material. Moreover, started from today, they have begun developing lesson plan in group where each is guided by a facilitator. Prior to finalizing the lesson plans, there will be presentation and discussion to gather feedback from other participants as well as the facilitators.

This workshop is conducted back-to-back with International Seminar on Mathematics Teaching and learning (ISMaTeL) hosted by SEAQiM Host Institution, PPPPTK Matematika. Once completing their participation in the Workshop on STEM Teaching and Learning Material Development, these teachers will join in ISMaTeL to further discuss current issues in approaches of mathematics teaching and learning with wider communities.

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