Sharing Mathematics Joyful Learning in Sorong

Sorong – Today is SEAQiM’s second day hosting in-country course in Sorong, West Papua. In-country Course in Joyful Learning in Mathematics Education for Senior/Vocational High School Mathematics Teachers is organized in collaboration with Mathematics Teachers Working Group of Sorong and this is the Centre’s first programme conducted in the district.

Opening remark by the Supervisor of SMK Negeri 1 Kota Sorong

The event was officially opened by the Supervisor of SMK Negeri 1 Kota Sorong, Mr. Walalayo Nicolas, on 1 July 2019. “I hope this course would be useful for the teachers and their institution, and in turn make students happy while learning mathematics in class. Further, I would like to thank SEAQiM for conducting the course in Sorong,” said Mr. Nicholas in his opening speech.

Session with Ms. Russasmita Sri Padmi

A total of 28 mathematics teachers participate in the course and they get facilitated by the specialists from SEAQiM, namely Dr. Ganung Anggraeni, Ms. I Gusti Ayu Russasmita Sri Padmi and Mr. Bungkus Dias Prasetyo. During the programme, the participants do not only learn the theory of joyful mathematics learning but also engage in hands-on activities on STEM

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