To celebrate SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics’s 10 th Anniversary, we proudly present:


1. Video of Fun and Inspiring Mathematics Learning and Teaching
2. Photography of Fun and Inspiring Mathematics Learning and Teaching
3. SEAQiM Jingle / Mars
4. Ecoprint
1. Indonesian Mathematics Teachers of all levels
2. Indonesian Students (Primary and Secondary)
3. Indonesian school
4. Must be registered on


1. Original product and never been submitted in other competition
2. The video must not exceed 15 minutes
3. The video can be in any languages
4. The video must be uploaded in your YouTube account
5. The video must be in quality of 720 HD (minimum)
6. The video may not contain copyrighted music / images
7. The photo must be in 150 dpi (minimum)
8. The photo must be uploaded on Instagram with #seaqim #decimal and mention @qitepinmathematics
9. The jingle/ mars must be English
10. The jingle/ mars must not exceed 2 minutes.
11. The jingle/ mars must be made on video format and uploaded on YouTube
12. The video/photo/ jingle may not contain any offensive or inappropriate content,violate any laws or advocate illegal activities.
13. Ecoprint fabric must be in 1 m x 1m dimension
14. Ecoprint using additional color must use natural coloring
15. Ecoprint product must be submitted to SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics office.
16. By entering this competition, SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics has the right to publish your submitted materials to our website and social media.
17. Each entrance may submit a maximum of 1 entry
18. Submission will be done online.
19. Incomplete and late submission will not be accepted

Closing Date Submission 6 July 2019

  • The winner will be selected by judging panels and likes


  • SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics’s Training/ workshop/ seminar
  • Scientific Calculators
  • Fantastic Prize
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