Semarang Customized Course Batch 3: New Insights into Mathematics Joyful Learning

Semarang – A total of 200 primary school teachers from Kota Semarang participated in Customized Course on Joyful Learning in Mathematics Education. The event was organized on 24-27 February 2020 at Plaza Hotel Semarang. 

Customized Course on Joyful Learning in Mathematics Education was the third programme conducted by SEAQiM in collaboration with Education Office of Kota Semarang in the beginning of 2020. Prior to this, both institutions have successfully organized two customized courses for primary school and junior high school mathematics teachers, on 10-13 February 2020 and 17-20 February 2020 respectively.  

During the course, SEAQiM facilitators did not only deliver the theories of joyful learning but also encouraged the participants to explore hands-on activities. They kept reminding the participants that as a teacher they must help their students to find the pleasure in learning.

“I finally got the new knowledge about how to teach mathematics joyfully in class,” said Mr. Agus Sunawan from SDN Sendangmulyo 01 at the end of the course. 

The programme was officially closed by Mr. Saptogiri, the Head of Education Office of Kota Semarang. He thanked SEAQiM for providing Kota Semarang teachers with fascinating insights into joyful mathematics teaching they had not yet obtained before.

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