SEAQiM’s First Regular Course Begun

Yogyakarta – SEAQiM Director, Dr. Wahyudi officially opened the Centre’s first regular course today, 15 March 2019, at Conference Room, SEAQiM. The Head of PPPPTK Matematika, Dr. Daswatia Astuty, also had the pleasure to witness the opening of the course.

The course, which entitles Teacher-made Mathematics Teaching Aids, are participated by 29 junior high school mathematics teachers from five countries, namely Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand.

In her committee report, Ms. Ummy Salmah, the course academic supervisor, stated “, I am sure that this programme offers a window of opportunity for you as individuals to improve your quality as teachers. We are proud to be hosting you”. In addition, she provided brief information about the activities the participants must be actively involved with during the course.

Invited as the facilitators of the course are SEAQiM’s academic team as well as mathematics experts from Gadjah Mada University, Sampoerna University, and Yogyakarta State University.

The Course on Teacher-made Mathematics Teaching Aids will last for two-week. Within the period, all participants will be assessed based on the progress gained from pretest to posttest, engagement during the learning process, practical work, and completion of assignments. At the end of the programme, the three best academic participants will be chosen and awarded with certificates of achievement.

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