Duo QITEPs Made a Flying Visit to the KNUE

Yogyakarta – Both the Directors of SEAQiM and SEAQiS had an honour to be invited to the Korea National University of Education (KNUE) by the university President, Prof. Lew Hee Chan, from 11 to 13 March 2019.

During the visit, Dr. Wahyudi and Dr. Indrawati, with two other two team members, shared the Centres’ best practices in improving the quality of mathematics and science teachers in Southeast Asia region. Their lectures were greatly welcomed by the KNUE students.

In addition, the delegates used the great opportunity to discuss further and concrete collaborations among the KNUE, SEAQiM, and SEAQiS. At the end of the brief visit, Prof. Lew Hee Chan expressed his belief that the visit will contribute to strengthening the partnership among the three institutions.

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