SEAQiM Launched New Workshop on STEM + Computational Thinking

Yogyakarta – SEAQiM successfully debuted its Workshop on STEM + Computational Thinking Learning Materials. Conducted on blended mode between 1 and 6 March 2021, the programme attracted huge interest from Junior High School Mathematics Teachers across Indonesia. A total of 15 junior high school mathematics teachers joined virtually via Zoom and the remaining 15 teachers participated in the workshop face-to-face at the Conference Room, SEAQiM.

Session with Dr Scott Bartholomew

In addition to the SEAQiM academic team, the workshop featured Dr Scott Bartholomew, Assistant Professor in Technology and Engineering Studies, Brigham Young University (USA). Dr Bartholomew led an interesting discussion about Introduction to STEM Education and Engineering Design Process by relating it to Indonesian current social issues. He shared how to identify the real problem, challenge, criteria & constraints, and connections to engage the students in problem-solving. The participants were also encouraged to design simple tools with easy-find materials to solve any problems around them.

“From Dr B, I learned many valuable lessons that can be taught to my students, even from the smallest problems around us”, said Mr Sapto Sri Nugroho, one of the participants.

Dr Inggriani Liem of Bebras Indonesia, the other invited facilitator, on the other hand, focused more on Computational Thinking. She mainly shared about the best ways in mastering computational thinking through pattern recognition for classroom activities.

Session with Dr Inggriani Liem

Throughout the workshop, the participants worked individually and in groups. At the end of the workshop, the three best participants from each grade were selected to become model teachers. Following this, their learning materials will be developed by the guidance of the SEAQiM academic team.

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