SEAQiM Joyful mathematics for Manila Teachers

Manila – Thirty mathematics teachers from the Makati and Manila City participated in the In-country Course on Joyful Learning in Mathematics Education for Junior High School Mathematics Teachers. This is a sharing budget programme between SEAQiM and the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Manila, Philippines.

The event which was held on 2-5 September 2019 was opened by Dr. Margarita Consolacion Ballesteros, the Director for International Cooperation Office, Department of Education, Philippines. In her speech she expressed her gratitude to Dr. Lili Nurlaili, the Indonesian Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy, for her efforts in initiating the programme.

During the course, the participants learnt many topics including current issue in mathematics education, problem solving on joyful mathematics, physical and virtual manipulative as well as mathematics and arts from SEAQiM’s Specialists; Mr. Wahid Yunianto and Ms. Wisnuningtyas.

All participants were very enthusiastic and one of them, Mrs. Flora DV. Aguilan, said “Excellent! All of the topics are definitely applicable to our teaching. The facilitators speak fluently English. They deliver the topics very well”. In addition, Mrs. Amma Khares G. Ramirez from Lakan Dula High School stated that after joining the course she knew that mathematics is not only about numbers but also the way of life.


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