Again, SEAQiM Extends Its Network

Jakarta – SEAQiM will soon work collaboratively with Sampoerna University (SU) after both institutions signing an MoU concerning on cooperation and collaboration in mathematics education. The signing ceremony was conducted today, 15 February, at L’Avenue Office, 7th Floor, SU. Dr. Wahyudi and Dr. Wahdi Salasi April Yudhi, the Rector of SU, respectively represented SEAQiM and SU.

The MoU signing was back to back with the Educator Sharing Network (ESN) with the theme “Scaffolding in the Mathematics Classroom” hosted by SU. Students of Faculty of Education SU as well as general public, including parents, participated in the event. Mr. Wahid Yunianto, SEAQiM specialist, was of the invited speakers for the ESN. He delivered a very intriguing topic around mathematics learning trajectory to the workshop participants.

After completing the sharing session, it is expected that pre-service teachers in SU from both Mathematics Education (MEdu) and English Education (EEd) study programme are able to explore (1) ways in which scaffolding can be applied in the elementary school mathematics classroom; (2) how mathematics learning trajectory can be used as a framework to help teachers design scaffolding activities in mathematics classroom, and (3) ways to develop teachers professional skills in scaffolding, especially in mathematics classroom.

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