SEAQiM Connecting Its Alumni Through Advanced Online Course

Yogyakarta – Advanced Online Course for Alumni is a new programme launched by SEAQiM that brings together the Centre’s regular course alumni to share their experiences with each other. A total of 35 alumni participated in this course virtually through zoom and google classroom platforms. The course was started on June 11 and will last for four weeks.

This programme comes with various topics on mathematics teaching and learning which is divided into eight sessions. They are Computational Thinking for a Better Humanity; Nurturing Computational Thinking Through Mathematics Learning; Best Practices Presentation from Alumni; Statistical Literacy; Creative and Critical Thinking in Mathematics LearningMathematical Literacy and PISA Framework; and Mathematics for Social Justice.

Not only presenting internal facilitators, but in this online course SEAQiM also invited Prof. Iwan Pranoto from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. He presented Computational Thinking for a Better Humanity and Nurturing Computational Thinking Through Mathematics Learning in the first two meetings. During his sessions, the participants were encouraged to think critically about the use of machines and technology while setting tasks to students. Instead of setting common routine tasks, he underlined the importance of reformulating questions.

On the second week, some selected alumni from the Philippines and Indonesia were invited to share their best practices. They were Mr. Jhemson C. Elis, Ph.D. of Bethune School Colorado, Mr. Saepullah of SMA IIBS West Java, Mr. Marwan of SMK Kehutanan Negeri Makassar, and Mr. Hamid Wan Nendra of SMA Muh. Pleret Yogyakarta. Their teaching experiences successfully draw the other alumni’s attention. The sharing session was much enlivened when one of the alumni talked about the utilization of online platform namely and to teach mathematics in class.

The last two sessions of Advanced Online Course for Alumni will be held on early July and be facilitated by SEAQiM Specialists. 


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