SEAQiM calls for partnership and reporting its Flagship to the SEAMEO CDM: Reimagine the Future

21 July 2021 – In response to the COVID-19 challenges in 2021, the annual SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting (CDM) 2021 is virtually conducted on 21 July 2021. The meeting is organised back to back with the 9th SEAMEO Integrated Operation Plan (SIOP) Workshop on 22 July 2021.  The SEAMEO CDM serves as a platform for the Centre Directors and Senior Officers of 26 SEAMEO Regional Centres/Network to share and discuss regional development programmes and work plans for improving education, science, and culture for the Southeast Asian region. The meeting is also a venue for expanding the developmental programmes with new partners and strengthening the existing partnerships.

The SEAMEO CDM 2021 is participated by approximately 220 participants, consisting of Centre Directors and Senior Officers from 26 SEAMEO Regional Centres/Network, one Associate Member Country, one Affiliate Member, and 21 partner organisations who are UN agencies, governmental organisations, development agencies, universities, and enterprises.  A total of 32 Working Papers, 12 from SEAMEO Secretariat and 20 from SEAMEO Centres/Network, were presented through ad-referendum. The highlighted working papers of SEAMEO Secretariat are such as Report on SEAMEO COVID-19 Accessible and Responsive Education Support (SEAMEO CARES), SEAMEO-UNESCO-GPE Collaboration: Online Course for Teachers of Learners with Disabilities, and SEAMEO Inter-Centre Collaboration Programmes

One of the highlights of 2021 CDM is the Sharing Session by the Key Partners on the topic ‘Reimagine the Future’, presented by UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, UNICEF EAPRO, International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030, ASEAN Secretariat, and the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (Thailand). The sharing session is followed by the Marketplace or Networking Session with 21 partners who agree to present the proposed programmes and collaboration to the SEAMEO Regional Centres.

On that occasion, SEAQiM has sent its delegates to participate in the meeting. They are the Centre Director, Dr Sumardyono, The Deputy Director of Administration, Dr Susetyo Widiasmoro, The Deputy Director of Programme, Dr Farida Nurhasanah, Head Division of Research Development Capacity Building and Training, Ms Uki Rachmawati, Training Specialist, Mr Bungkus Dias Prasetyo and two rapporteurs from Division of Partnership International Public Relations and Marketing namely Ms Lely Dian Puspita and Ms Wahyu Kharina Praptiwi. In Section B: SEAMEO Working Papers, SEAQiM presented the progress report of its Flagship, namely Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment (MaRWA) 4.0, in order aims to inform the Centre Director Meeting (CDM) 2021 on the progress of Mathematics Regional Wide Assessment (MaRWA) 4.0 developed by the Centre in the Fiscal Year 2020/2021.

Further, in the schedule of Section D: Marketplace and breakout rooms with partners, SEAQiM was split into three main rooms, namely AKADASIA (Dr Sumardyono and Ms Lely Dian Puspita), APCEIU (Dr Farida Nurhasanah and Ms Uki Rahmawati), SYSTEM and Unilab Foundation (Dr Susetyo Widiasmoro, Mr Bungkus Dias Prasetyo and Ms Wahyu Kharina Praptiwi). At the session, SEAQiM seeks potential collaborations with these partners to have an agreement to improve each capability.


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