Rembang and Kudus-Central Java become the SEAQiM Audience Destination

At the end of 2022, SEAQiM conducted a collaborative visit to Rembang and Kudus. The activities took on 28-29 December 2022. The first destination is Muria Kudus University (UMK), Central Java. During the visit, the Director of SEAQiM, Dr. Sumardyono, also conducted a general lecture on the theme “Challenges of Mathematics Teachers in the Era of Society 5.0” for students majoring in mathematics education at UMK. On that occasion, Dr. Sumardyono gave a brief description and examples of future teacher challenges that students will face after graduating and becoming teachers.

Moreover, SEAQiM and UMK also discussed the follow-up collaborative program, especially those related to increasing knowledge and experience for students majoring in Mathematics. Dr. Sumardyono and Dr. Susetyo Widiasmoro, the Deputy Director for Administration of SEAQiM were warmly welcomed by the deans and mathematics study program.

On the same day, the SEAQiM Team consisting of Dr. Sumardyono, Dr. Susetyo Widiasmoro, and the following two staff from SEAQiM conducted an audition visit to Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Disdikbud) and MGMP of Kudus Regency. The MGMP management and Disdikbud, the Kudus Regency, greeted enthusiastically. This meeting aims to foster future cooperation and collaboration between SEAQiM and related parties in the Kudus regency.

The series of the audience ended in Rembang Regency, with the meeting agenda with the Mathematics MPMP Management of Rembang. In this meeting, Dr. Sumardyono had an Introductory to SEAQiM session and shared about the mathematics education problem. This meeting resulted in a lively discussion, especially on how to teach mathematics joyfully and meaningfully. SEAQiM also hopes the regional audiences can foster and establish more collaborative programs and activities to support the quality improvement of mathematics education. Besides, it can benefit elementary and junior high school educators in the regency/district.


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