BBGP-Jawa Barat is seeking information from SEAQiM on how to maintain a good partnership

Yogyakarta- on 29 December 2022, SEAQiM had one day visit from The Professional Development Centre for Educators in West Java Province/Balai Besar Guru Penggerak Provinsi Jawa Barat (BBGP-Jawa Barat). The objective of their visit is to learn about the partnership management of SEAQiM and how to collaborate with SEAQiM in the future Programme. On this occasion, Mrs Lili Indarti, the chief delegate, expressed her sincere appreciation to SEAQiM for warmly welcoming the delegates from BBGP-Jawa Barat; further, she introduced the team who wanted to discuss with SEAQiM more profound about partnership.

Mr Wandy Praginda, the widyaiswara of BBGP-Jawa Barat, led the discussion. He mentioned their interest in STEM, which SEAQiM promoted. Further, he asked about how to maintain the course’s alumni. He was also curious about SEAQiM’s various programmes, which support the implementation of Kurikulum Merdeka launched by the Ministry of Education, Research, and Technology Indonesia.

Mrs Uki Rahmawati, the head division of research, development, capacity, building and training, had given a chance to perform on behalf of the Deputy Director for the Programme to show the data of SEAQiM’s alumni and how to maintain relations with them. “An innovation by our Director, we have several task forces that focus on developing each field. One of that which is related to maintaining alumni is called the SEAQiM Alumni Network (SAN). The activities include forming alumni groups based on the type of training attended at SEAQiM, selecting coordinators in each region, and webinars that support the Programme of “Guru Penggerak”, added Ms Uki in her statement.

It is a big hope for both institutions to collaborate in the future as has the same vision to support the programmes and implementation of Merdeka Belajar and Kurikulum Merdeka of The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Republic of Indonesia.


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