Semen Gresik Indonesia’s official visit to Seek Collaboration

Jogjakarta – The largest cement producer of Indonesia, PT. Semen Gresik Indonesia visited SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics (SEAQiM) in order to seek probability of collaboration. In today’s visit, the Director of SEAQiM , Dr. Wahyudi with his management and academic team welcome the representatives from PT. Semen Gresik Indonesia and their CSR programme.

Ms. Yeni Indah Lestari, the Junior Public Relations Officer of PT. Semen Gresik Indonesia shared her company profile and the CSR Programme. She further explained their CSR Programme to build TECHNO EDU PARK SEMEN GRESIK and the possibility to collaborate with SEAQiM. “When I met SEAMEO BIOTROP then I knew that SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics has motto to learn mathematics joyfully and meaningfully, we are pleased to have collaboration with SEAQiM in this mega project” Said Ms. Yeni enthusiastically.

Because this CSR program aims to advance education in Indonesia especially in Tuban Regency, PT Semen Gresik Indonesia hopes to follow up this collaboration program well. The follow up action, program details and agreement between the two sides will be held soon at the beginning of this year.

“It’s chance for you to challenge yourself in this programme, please do your best!” said Dr. Wahyudi to academic team in referring to the CSR programme.

In the middle of the discussion, Dr. Wahyudi had a chance to show several tricks and math games to the PT. Semen Gresik Indonesia’s team and they were very impressed. “Wow, math indeed a joyful subject, I wish I knew this before” said Ms. Yeni enthusiastically.

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