Online Learning with SEAQiM – The Next Sessions of Inspiring Mathematics Learning During Pandemic

Yogyakarta – In the first week of May, SEAQiM accomplished 3 virtual sessions as part of Online Learning with SEAQiM. These were the continuation of virtual session 1, 2, and 3 which had been conducted earlier. 

A total of three topics consisting of “PISA-like Mathematics Problems based on PISA 2021 Framework”, “Students’ Misconception in Learning Mathematics”, and “At Home Mathematics Project During Pandemic” were presented on May 4, 6, and 8 respectively.

Facilitated by Dr. Sumardyono, the Director of SEAQiM, and two Specialists, Ms. Pasttita Ayu Laksmiwati and Ms. Ummy Salmah, this programme successfully attracted crowd attention from mathematics teachers across Indonesia. This could be seen from the numerous numbers of good impressions and testimonies posted by participants in SEAQiM’s official social media.

“The one and a half hours of material delivery was complete and clear. All the discussion, questions and answers, and direct practice of PISA, it felt very short, though”, wrote a participant who attended session PISA-like Mathematics Problems based on PISA 2021 Framework. 

The other participants also expressed their gratitude to SEAQiM for the inspiring online session. After joining Online Learning with SEAQiM, they have felt inspired to learn more. Remarkably, some participants have also been motivated by the facilitators to publish scientific writing, read more resources, and increase understanding on the importance of mathematics concepts.

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