International Webinar Series: Mathematics Education in the Age of Pandemic

Today, 29 September 2020, SEAQiM has successfully conducted its International Webinar Series: Mathematics Education in the Age of Pandemic. This first international webinar series was organized in collaboration with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) to meet the needs of teachers and other concerned educational parties in facing the challenges mathematics education during pandemic. The event aims not only to share best practices in strengthening the quality of mathematics teaching and learning but also to provide an opportunity for educators to foster collaboration and partnership.

The presentation from three prominent keynote speakers namely Prof. Trena Wilkerson from NCTM – USA, Prof. Berinderjeet Kaur from National Institute of Education – Singapore, and Prof. Iwan Pranoto from Bandung Institute of Technology – Indonesia was chaired by Ms. Puji Iryanti from the Centre for the Development and Empowerment of Mathematics Teachers and Education Personnel (PPPPTK Matematika). The first keynote speaker, Prof. Trena Wilkerson, who serves as President of NCTM, mainly talked about how to focus on effective mathematics teaching practices to meet the challenge of virtual learning environments.  On the next presentations, Prof. Berinderjeet Kaur shared with the audience Singapore’s best practice in mathematics teaching and learning during COVID-19 while Prof. Iwan Pranoto highligthed  math education for COVID generation. 

More than 700 audience from Southeast Asia and beyond participated in International Webinar Series virtually via Zoom platform and YouTube Live Streaming. Despite its online conduct, the event has attracted many participants attention as they actively asked questions to the keynote speakers, resulted in a very lively discussion. 

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