Depok Education Office and AMIKOM Will Work with SEAQiM for 5 Years

Yogyakarta – In line with one of its goals to establish extensive networks and collaboration, exchange information, and share best practices, in the beginning of 2020 SEAQiM signed two MoUs on mathematics education collaboration programs with two different institutions. They are Depok Education Office, West Java and Economy Creative Centre AMIKOM University Yogyakarta.

SEAQiM and Depok Education Office agreed to work closer at improving and developing the quality of mathematics teachers in Depok. On the other hand, the Director of Economy Creative Centre AMIKOM University Yogyakarta, Dr. Abidarin Rosidi, believed that the MoU will be a good start for SEAQiM to develop its mathematics learning media and for his party to improve activities in the fields of research.

Dr. Sumardyono, SEAQiM’s Director, welcomed both collaborations and showed his strong commitment to implementing the MoUs for five-year ahead.

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